Washtub v0.12 Released

Today is a good day for several reasons, but mainly because I have released my first open source offering to the world.  Washub, the liquidsoap controller (see first announcement) has been officially adopted by the savonet team.  You can checkout the source via subversion from

Thanks for Giving Us Fedora

Fedora 10 hit the net today with its General Availability Release, or rather the un-beta version.  I posted earlier this summer that the version 9 release passed me by as I noted its two month anniversary.  There's plenty of resources out there for the first timer, but I wanted to write about the handy yum upgrade process for those of us who can't afford a clean wipe every six months when the Fedora Project releases its official versions.

The Sour Taste Of Humble Pie

A few months ago I took a stab at Mixxx, the open source dj mixing software, and was pleasantly surprised to find that my review had drawn some interest.  The page views soared and the comment section actually showed some activity.  "Nice", I thought.  Until small details on my part began to show some neglect.  Neglect is fine when it's just you and your friends sharing some space.  But when outsiders start to see neglect, it's a much different story.  If

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