Frequently Asked Questions

Audio posts require the use of the Adobe Flash player, though very common place on most browsers today, it is typically an external add-on.  Get the Flash Player from Adobe, Inc to enable this functionality and listen to the Audio posts on-demand.  Of course you can always download the file and listen on your favorite media player, but the on-demand listenening functionality should let you preview the audio before you download.

If you can't download at all...  especially when there is only one seed available, check to see if transport encryption is enabled in your bittorrent client.  Note that when the tracker reports only one seed the Vinyl Project permaseed is the only download source provided.

Transport encryption support was created for private trackers that don't like traffic snooping or unauthorized clients on their distributed networks.  Osprey and Permaseed are completely open and do not support transport encryption.  Furthermore, there seems to be a definite incompatibility between transport encryption on Azureus and the Osprey and Permaseed applications.  Specifically when used with Azureus it seems that the client will not fall back to the unencrypted transport that is required by Osprey and Permaseed.

To turn off transport encryption on Azureus navigate to Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Transport Encryption and uncheck the box named "Require Encrypted Transport".

If you use another bittorrent client, check the provided documentation to disable or learn more about transport encryption supprt.

This answer is a bit tricky if you are new to listening to internet radio.  So here are some guidelines by Operating System:

Linux (Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, etc)

  • All Linux systems should come with support for the Ogg Stream by default.  There are many popular open source programs to use and most environments include a dedicated media player.
  • Rhythmbox is the default player for the Gnome environment.
  • Amarok is the default player for the KDE environment.
  • X Multimedia System (XMMS) and Video Lan Client (VLC) are other standalone media players that will support streaming media.

Mac OS X

  • iTunes will work for the MP3 Stream.  iTunes is standard on all OS X installs, so this is the easiest software to use on on the Mac platform.
  • Video Lan Client (VLC) is provided for the Mac platform and will work well for streaming all media types.

Windows Vista/XP/2000

  • Windows Media Player will work for the MP3 Stream. It's not the best software and is not well suited for non-windows media.  The upside is that it comes with all version of Windows, so there's no additional software to install. 
  • Winamp is much better suited for internet radio on the Windows platform.  It includes support for both the Ogg Stream and the MP3 Stream by default.  As well, Winamp includes listings for many other radio stations using it's shoutcast listings.
  • Video Lan Client (VLC) is also provided for the Windows platform and will work well for streaming all media types.


All the live shows can be accessed from the same everyday streams that are provided at The Vinyl Project.  Simply tune in to the stream (Ogg or MP3) that you prefer at the scheduled showtime.  The rotating radio streams will be automatically cut-over to the live shows when they start.  Pay attention to the timezone listed on the shows' schedules.  Most shows will be in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Bandwidth. Bandwidth. Bandwidth.  Bittorrent is THE only standard for properly utilizing bandwidth across the net.  It allows sites and visitors to distribute their resources appropriately across everyone's connection.  Most importantly, it keeps the site open and free.
Visit the official bittorrent site for more information.  Additionally, search google for a myriad of bittorent clients available for free on most operating systems.

Ogg is short for Ogg Vorbis and it's a codec for audio files.  What is special about Ogg vorbis is that it's an open source codec, meaning that everyone can use it to decode/encode audio files without any restrictions on use.  Ogg Vorbis is a contribution by, an organization dedicated to open media formats.  Visit for more information and to download setup files for your computer.