Why won't my bittorrent client start downloading or connect to the permaseed?

If you can't download at all...  especially when there is only one seed available, check to see if transport encryption is enabled in your bittorrent client.  Note that when the tracker reports only one seed the Vinyl Project permaseed is the only download source provided.

Transport encryption support was created for private trackers that don't like traffic snooping or unauthorized clients on their distributed networks.  Osprey and Permaseed are completely open and do not support transport encryption.  Furthermore, there seems to be a definite incompatibility between transport encryption on Azureus and the Osprey and Permaseed applications.  Specifically when used with Azureus it seems that the client will not fall back to the unencrypted transport that is required by Osprey and Permaseed.

To turn off transport encryption on Azureus navigate to Tools -> Options -> Connection -> Transport Encryption and uncheck the box named "Require Encrypted Transport".

If you use another bittorrent client, check the provided documentation to disable or learn more about transport encryption supprt.