Washtub v0.12 Released

Today is a good day for several reasons, but mainly because I have released my first open source offering to the world.  Washub, the liquidsoap controller (see first announcement) has been officially adopted by the savonet team.  You can checkout the source via subversion from

Introducing Washtub: The Liquidsoap Stream Controller

It's been 23d 22h 43m since I created my subversion repo for washtub and I am already finding that this project is useful.  There are plenty more tasks to complete, but these screens should give a good teaser for those who are interested. 

Features Include:

  • Control multiple hosts from one washtub instance (secure LAN only).
  • Dynamic, real-time status of liquidsoap streaming instances.
  • Instant queueing, start, stop and skip controls of liquidsoap outputs.
  • Media pool database for direct access to local media.
  • Scanning of files for auto-updates and full-categorization of media tags (.mp3, .flac currently).
  • User friendly listings; On-Air, Alive, History, Request Queues, Media Pool.

The Inevitable Bastardization of DJ Culture

UPDATE:  Joystiq posted some images today referencing the 'turntable' interface.  If that's what you can call it.  Follow this link to see the posting.

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