The Vinyl Project Podcast is Online

Today marks the launch of The Vinyl Project Podcast.  Available in iTunes format, Standard RSS or the default human friendly view, the podcast will feature our favorite dj mixes and radio shows from the site.  I'm proud to announce this news because the podcast will add one more avenue for visitors to acquire our media.  And even more exciting it's the first time we'

The Inevitable Bastardization of DJ Culture

UPDATE:  Joystiq posted some images today referencing the 'turntable' interface.  If that's what you can call it.  Follow this link to see the posting.

Columbus Gets Live For The Raconteurs

Yesterday "The Raconteurs" came blowing through Columbus with quite an impressive (and original) showing.  On their trip down from 2 days in Detroit, Columbus was a mere pit stop (I hate a Monday night show) before heading out to Cincinnatti, St. Louis and then to Bonnarroo.  According to their website, the tour dates seem to continue unending through out the remainder of the summer.

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