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Installing Washtub on Ubuntu

A special thanks to Aditya from Institute Teknologi Bandung for his patience.  Without his correspondence, I probably couldn't have created such a comprehensive how to for installing Washtub.  With Aditya being in Indonesia and me being in the US, it sometimes took 12 hours for us to read each other's responses.  What follows here is the meat from our conversation and the main process for getting Washtub installed on Ubuntu. This is also published in the washtub svn repo at:

Thanks for Giving Us Fedora

Fedora 10 hit the net today with its General Availability Release, or rather the un-beta version.  I posted earlier this summer that the version 9 release passed me by as I noted its two month anniversary.  There's plenty of resources out there for the first timer, but I wanted to write about the handy yum upgrade process for those of us who can't afford a clean wipe every six months when the Fedora Project releases its official versions.

Successfully Migrated Osprey/Permaseed Installation

This week I am tackling a conversion from my outdated server, currently running FC4, to new hardware which is now running CentOS 5.  So no big deal right?  I have certainly been dreading the move, because of all the fun I've had installing osprey/permaseed in the past.  I am happy to say that the conversion WAS in fact NO BIG DEAL.  Here' s what I did in case anyone else ever needs some advice on the process.


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