Fedora 9 Turns 2 Months Old

I came across a strange realization this morning as I started looking for something tech related to accomplish on my Saturday.  A few months back, I wrote "Ubuntu is Pretty Darn Cool" and it's certain that my admiration for Ubuntu has prevented me from continuing my long history with Fedora.

Tomorrow, Fedora Release 9 will turn 2 months old and I have yet to install and use it on my home network.  Before the long gasp, I'll say that I did download it day one and I did install it on qemu to take a look at the new artwork and quickly survey the new look of the distro.  However, the bad news is that I used 'ftp'.  Ugggh.  That's correct, I didn't download the torrent and seed it to infinity (as I usually do).  I didn't download all the archs to help spread the OS (like I usually do).  And...  I didn't install it and start using it, like I always have done since the release of FC 1- FC8.

Darn you Ubuntu for being so cool.  I feel like I ditched my old friend Fedora for my new, hot shot, FOSS bully of a distro, Ubuntu.  What the hell does Fedora think of me today?  Well, I am going to turn things around this week.  I am going to let Fedora know that I'll always be there (and we'll always be friends).

Starting with this post, I apologize.  Let me remind you Fedora, that my multi-tier MythTV system providing all of my media necessities is still Fedora (and FC8 at that).  My router, fileservers, streaming audio servers, webservers and backup server are all still Fedora (a mix of FC4, FC7 and FC8).  Ubuntu is only allowed on my laptop.  And really my laptop isn't that important.  Really, I swear.  All it does is browse the internet and provide a shell to access the other (Fedora) machines.  If it weren't for proprietary drivers, wireless utility and ease of installation, you'd be on my laptop too.  But like I said, my laptop isn't that important.  It doesn't even store any data.  I could wipe it tomorrow (on your birthday) and have it back in shape in no time.  "Configuration Only"

What's that you say Fedora?  "Install me over your Ubuntu Hardy and you'll forgive me".  OK.  I guess that's only fair since Gutsy to Hardy was pretty much a boring upgrade.  FC, you always prove interesting at upgrade time.  There's always new utilities and your stuff always works better...  and your look and feel is always nicer.

So it's settled, I'll celebrate your 2 month birthday with a new install.  And I promise I'll use it until FC10 or Ubuntu 9.x.