Successfully Migrated Osprey/Permaseed Installation

This week I am tackling a conversion from my outdated server, currently running FC4, to new hardware which is now running CentOS 5.  So no big deal right?  I have certainly been dreading the move, because of all the fun I've had installing osprey/permaseed in the past.  I am happy to say that the conversion WAS in fact NO BIG DEAL.  Here' s what I did in case anyone else ever needs some advice on the process.


Fedora 9 Turns 2 Months Old

I came across a strange realization this morning as I started looking for something tech related to accomplish on my Saturday.  A few months back, I wrote "Ubuntu is Pretty Darn Cool" and it's certain that my admiration for Ubuntu has prevented me from continuing my long history with Fedora.

Columbus Gets Live For The Raconteurs

Yesterday "The Raconteurs" came blowing through Columbus with quite an impressive (and original) showing.  On their trip down from 2 days in Detroit, Columbus was a mere pit stop (I hate a Monday night show) before heading out to Cincinnatti, St. Louis and then to Bonnarroo.  According to their website, the tour dates seem to continue unending through out the remainder of the summer.

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