NIN.com Gets Blasted by Net Traffic... But Not Because of Slashdot

The offical Nine Inch Nails site is getting destroyed today by visitors demanding the new "Ghosts I -IV" album.  Slashdot has more info on the posting there.  Unfortunately, we can't get the album yet.  The problems have less to do with slashdot and more to do with the overwhelming response of the band's fans siezing the opportunity to support the download service.

Sorry, but this is a general rant

Let me prepare some thoughts and send a brief warning.  I'm about to state some facts (and opinions) about the internet.  This may not be suited for everyone, so if you are idealistic about web marketing, blogs, click-through ads, mumbo-jumbo and so-on and so-forth...  hang up the phone.  Did I lose you yet?

Streaming Services are Ramping Up

This past week I made excellent progress toward the available streaming services.  Liquidsoap is proving to be an enormously wonderful tool for bringing sound to the site.  Check out the post Liquidsoap on Fedora for more details.  I  added some important technical updates to that post. 

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