Introducing Washtub: The Liquidsoap Stream Controller

It's been 23d 22h 43m since I created my subversion repo for washtub and I am already finding that this project is useful.  There are plenty more tasks to complete, but these screens should give a good teaser for those who are interested. 

Features Include:

  • Control multiple hosts from one washtub instance (secure LAN only).
  • Dynamic, real-time status of liquidsoap streaming instances.
  • Instant queueing, start, stop and skip controls of liquidsoap outputs.
  • Media pool database for direct access to local media.
  • Scanning of files for auto-updates and full-categorization of media tags (.mp3, .flac currently).
  • User friendly listings; On-Air, Alive, History, Request Queues, Media Pool.

Carnival Augusta Posted Yesterday

The latest mix show turned out quite well.  I have been listening to small parts since the recording and I am, at the risk of sounding blah, very impressed.  Not so much by the mixes, but the mix possibilities of old and new spanning close to 10 years is quite encouraging for the techno circle.  Villalobos has really stuck to his beat style since his start and still manages to create a new space with each song.  The plain white triple played twice on this mix is so similar to his early perlon and still new to the ears.&nbs

Live Mix Show 4: "Carnival Augusta"

08/05/2008 7:01 pm
08/05/2008 8:00 pm
Torrent Download: 

Sadly, It's been almost 4 months since the last show posting.  No explanation needed except that summer's been a blur and my basement is... as hot as a witch's tit in a steel bra, thanks Tara.  I do claim that the time between show postings must have helped, because "Carnival Augusta" is a great mix.  Thanks to My New Records I had some proving inspiration.  Thanks to John at the Bent Crayon for the recommendations and for letting me dig around your shop for hours.

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