Live Mix Show 4: "Carnival Augusta"

08/05/2008 7:01 pm
08/05/2008 8:00 pm
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Sadly, It's been almost 4 months since the last show posting.  No explanation needed except that summer's been a blur and my basement is... as hot as a witch's tit in a steel bra, thanks Tara.  I do claim that the time between show postings must have helped, because "Carnival Augusta" is a great mix.  Thanks to My New Records I had some proving inspiration.  Thanks to John at the Bent Crayon for the recommendations and for letting me dig around your shop for hours.

Colophon:  I made a significant alteration to the recording process.  Instead of pulling the show file from the live stream, I setup a direct sound capture.  Sound quality is excellent (aside from the web format conversion).  Let me know if you are interested in a flac and I'll send a link. 

Time: 1.07
01 - Pete Moss "Late Night Up North" wink interpretation
02 - Holger Zilske "Spooky Kissing"
03 - Paul Mac "more of the same"
04 - Ricardo Villalobos "Fizpatrick
05 - Cruise Control "Wobble"
06 - Rhadoo "Biasbe Alt Bass"
07 - Ricardo Villalobos "Druic"
08 - Kiko  "888"
09 - Maus & Stolle "pan"
10 - Sascha Funke "double-checked" Fritz Zander RemIx
11 - Smash TV aka Holger Zilske "Locomotive Breath"
12 - Sebo K. "I Saw You"
13 - Alter Ego "Baby Kraut"
14 - Gadgets "on/off"