Carnival Augusta Posted Yesterday

The latest mix show turned out quite well.  I have been listening to small parts since the recording and I am, at the risk of sounding blah, very impressed.  Not so much by the mixes, but the mix possibilities of old and new spanning close to 10 years is quite encouraging for the techno circle.  Villalobos has really stuck to his beat style since his start and still manages to create a new space with each song.  The plain white triple played twice on this mix is so similar to his early perlon and still new to the ears.  Luciano is a perfect compliment.  Pardon my ignorance, but are they twin brothers?  The classic Cruise Control track (black and yellow target logo) is a classic in the click-hump, minimal world and probably a favorite of mine.  It always surfaces on the turntables and usually fits in well.  Holger Zilske, also featured here is a newbie to me.  Again pardon my ignorance.  Who the heck is Holger Zilske?  His music is house-techno border, but I think he tricks me into thinking it's more techno.  Overall, the feel of this mix is is repetetive, uneasy, headbob techno.  

Please have a listen and tell me what you think.