Recap of "Bent Crayon presents: Glimpse"

Glimpse Event Flyer SmallI'm back in Columbus after a weekend of extensive Ohio travel.  Friday's event in Cleveland was a great start to the weekend.  Glimpse arrived in Cleveland shortly before his set and was thankfully able to squeeze in some needed rest after his full day of U.K. to North America travel.  I suppose a weekend of driving around OH doesn't compare, so I'll quit my griping. 

Jimi Tsang opened the show with a rare 2 hour set on the turntables.  After he warmed up the basement, Glimpse took control at 12:30AM and treated folks to a 90 minute live set.  Truly great stuff from both performers.  Thanks to Bent Crayon for organizing the event and of course all the Clevelanders et. al. who may have travelled to support the event at Touch Supper Club.  

In other rarities, The Vinyl Project was onhand to stream the event live.  Though the streaming broadcast on Friday was largely a secret until the night's music started, we were able to string together a great proof of concept.  In turn, we're happy to be able to repeat the broadcast for further performances.  And if that's not enough, we have the audio to deliver post-haste.

22:45 - 00:45 - Jimi Tsang, Opening DJ Set
00:45 - 2:15 - Glimpse, Live Performance
02:15 - 03:00 - Jimi Tsang, Cool Down Farewell

Thanks again to everyone for coming out.   Check back soon for more Bent Crayon events to be featured on The Vinyl Project.


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