Jimi Tsang - Live DJ Set 2011-05-20

I've known of Jimi Tsang for a few short months and only through very short conversations.  Together we opened for both Thomas Brinkmann and John Roberts together at this same venue, Touch Supper Club.  Jimi's set here is a farewell to Cleveland.  If you know Jimi, his talent with the turntables and his taste in music, you also know that he'll be missed in Cleveland.  Below we have a well selected, well mixed warm-up for the Glimpse Event that was also broadcast here at The Vinyl Project. Jimi takes his time starting with heavy bass dub and synth downtempo, moving the journey along to some groovy tech house and finally dropping us off at Glimpse's front door.  After Glimpse's live set, check out another mix from Jimi later that same night, the hour-long Cool-Down-Outro to finally send us packing.