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DJ Gina Turner - Midweek Techno @ Phoenix Landing, Cambridge MA

I caught this recording via the Ghostly International twitter feed this morning, who in turn was boasting (via retweet) the presence of Spectral/Ghostly and other artists featured on the mix.  On first listen, I was far too impressed to let this recording live on anonymously via the zShare networks (linked here for posterity).  So I hit up DJ Gina Turner and she graciously allowed us to host her mix here.  So click the list

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Jimi Tsang - Live DJ Set 2011-05-20

108:08 minutes (165.16 MB)

Jimi Tsang - Live DJ Set [Outro] 2011-05-20

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Glimpse - Live Set 2011-05-20

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1 Auxy - Live DJ Set 2011-06-10

I met 1 Auxy (James Morris) for the first time last Saturday, shortly before this set was recorded.  Unbeknownst to him, I was already indebted to his DJ skills.  You see back in October of 2010, James had to bow out of a previous Bent Crayon event opening for Thomas Brinkmann. Wherein I was called upon to play in his absence.  Something that turned out to be a great bit of fun for me, not to mention all the new faces I've met via Bent Crayon since that event.  

90:56 minutes (137.08 MB)

Function - Live DJ Set 2011-06-10

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Jason Nagy - Nagy Raw

I moved all my shit to a new house a couple months ago. I mean EVERYTHING. I didn't really throw anything out, because we regularly go through old stuff and rid the house of crap. If you don't do that your inevitably going to go crazy one day and end up on 'Hoarders'. Seriously.

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