Glimpse - Live Set 2011-05-20

Sandwiched between an opening set by Jimi Tsang and finally Jimi's closing set, the Glimpse Event was a sweet treat for Clevanders.  Thanks to the Bent Crayon for making all this possible, but even more thanks to Christopher Spero, aka Glimpse for bringing his soulful, techno (not totally house) music to us live and direct.  

As I setup for the broadcast that night, Christopher had noted to me and one of the promoters that the set was originally planned to be somewhat on the "House" side of things and then went on to admit that he had more techno roots than anything else.  At his behest, he had put together a set for us in that vain.  The promoter and I immediately commented.. "Techno is fine with us!".  Apparently Christopher hadn't been to Cleveland before.  Which if he had, he'd might have known that we Clevelanders have spend the majority of our lives deeply-trenched in the techno music.

Listening to the set below, I think Glimpse might have taken our word at its truth.  A clean housy groove starts the 90 minute set mixed with some afro-centric vocals and organ smoothing rhythms.  Somewhere in the middle, we dropped into strange lands with small spatterings of acid, techno repetitions and spacey dimensions.  And through the process, we find ourselves jacking along to a tightly produced, fully engaged experience that only Christopher could bring us.  Thanks again Christopher.