Function - Live DJ Set 2011-06-10

Function (Dave Sumner) delivers a down-low performance for the Touch Supper Club audience last Saturday night.  An intelligent blend of DJ mixing, live beats and sampling eschewed from his computing device and single hardware controller.  I hesitate to refer to this as a DJ set, since that is far from truth.  Rather, Dave put together an in-depth review of quick, hard techno using familiar tracks and loops of classic techno heritage, mixing-in his own original material.  Not quite playing it all like they were 'just' tracks, Dave brought us back to some root-down, brain scrambling techo memories.  

Unfortunately, my own computing device overheated and we only caught 59 minutes of Dave's set.  Thanks again to Function, for stoppping in Cleveland and reminding us why we come out to listen.  Don't miss the opening set by 1 Auxy for more techno goodness.

Take a break below, and listen for yourself.