Jason Nagy - Nagy Raw

I moved all my shit to a new house a couple months ago. I mean EVERYTHING. I didn't really throw anything out, because we regularly go through old stuff and rid the house of crap. If you don't do that your inevitably going to go crazy one day and end up on 'Hoarders'. Seriously.
The moral to the story is... the older I get, the more treasures I find around the house. I found some Deutsche Marks, which are totally gone, right? And I found an old Rambo Knife. You know, the kind that you had when you were a kid in the 80s? With the compass in the handle and the serrated back blade, to kill mutha fuckas. Oops, sorry kids.
The real treasure I found this time, was 'Nagy Raw'. What's 'Nagy Raw'? Only the sweetest mixtape I ever had. We were all pretty much convinced that Nagy was some sort of alien when he put this together in 1997 (est). This was only about 3 years into our record fascination. We were just starting to match things up and realize that DJ's were either talented or shit. Nagy was talented and this was one of the first examples of such.
Sit back and take a listen. This was dubbed from an old cassette player direct to my M-Audio Delta 44. Sound is pretty decent. This is an MP3, but send me a message if you would like a FLAC encoding.