Chris Everest - Exit Stage Left

It's been nearly two years since putting up new a mix of my own.  I'm still here though.  And my wallet can affirm that I'm still with new records.  I ordered quite a few batches these past couple months and finally put them together.  There's some gems in this tracklist that date back all the way to 1996.
I'm mixing on my new setup now.  I'm out of the old dingy basement (which was arguably good for techo moods) and into the new house where I have my own music space.  .Same tables and mixer, but I've started using a new live rip feature of liquidsoap + washtub that I wrote myself.  All I have to do is click 'record' on my audio server's webpage.. and poof, it's saving to a file.
Enjoy the mix and drop me a line in the comments if you like what you hear. 
Time: 01:09:57
1. "Rigning Niu" - Yagya
2. "Standing Still" - CV313
3. "Nautical Nuba" - Porter Ricks
4. "Want you to be" - Cosmin TRG
5. "Caddie's Day" - Philippe Cam
6. "Index I" - Helical Scan
7. "Things To Know About Your Robot" - Jeff Mills
8. "Lanscape" Original Mix" - Marcel Dettmann
9. "Spacetime Symmetries" Tommy Four Seven Remix - Traversable Wormhole
10. "Skotch" - G-man and Rob Strobe
11. "Painting the Tape" - Pigon
12. "Xango" - Farben
13. "Rattler" - Container
14. "Let's Fly" - Actress
15. "Viscoplastic" - Ben Klock
16. "Transducer" Brian Sanhaji Remix - Traversable Wormhole
17. "Spiral" - Morphosis

nice brotha!

enjoyed this dude, good mix