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Andrew Babson - Half-Life 2001

I made this mix at the I-house in Columbus, mid-2001. Geoff White, Chris Everest and I were roomies back then.

64:01 minutes (117.22 MB)

Andrew Babson - Pulse FM London, 2001

set starts at 3:30

52:36 minutes (120.71 MB)

Chris Everest - Snowy Death

Just a quick mix tonight as I was stranded at home.  Quick, because I was interrupted by a 'work' call.  It's too bad I was interrupted because the mix was going quite well.  Dark at times, but not scary despite the title.  The tracks are from my most recent record purchase.  One track (guess which one) is not like the others.  I stuck a digital track in there using my new xwax setup.  I'm really liking xwax.  It's quite responsive and error free so far.  Enjoy the mix.

42:06 minutes (77.09 MB)
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