VP01: Chris Everest - Carnival Augusta

This mix originally aired on Vinyl Project Radio as Live Show 4 and is one of my favorite mixes I have done (evar).  In response, I'll take the time to blow my own horn and kick-off Episode 1 with this homegrown mix.  Carnival Augusta was totally improvised.  Mixed in the basement, with only the pooch, the stimpinator and my endearing wife to put up with the throws of emitting bass.  Most of the tracks are 21st century, minimal techno and tech-house.  Enjoy.
Time: 1.07
01 - Pete Moss "Late Night Up North" wink interpretation
02 - Holger Zilske "Spooky Kissing"
03 - Paul Mac "more of the same"
04 - Ricardo Villalobos "Fizpatrick"
05 - Cruise Control "Wobble"
06 - Rhadoo "Biasbe Alt Bass"
07 - Ricardo Villalobos "Druic"
08 - Kiko  "888"
09 - Maus & Stolle "pan"
10 - Sascha Funke "double-checked" Fritz Zander RemIx
11 - Smash TV aka Holger Zilske "Locomotive Breath"
12 - Sebo K. "I Saw You"
13 - Alter Ego "Baby Kraut"
14 - Gadgets "on/off"

Cover (front)