Chris Everest - Pantalones

Translated, this mix is the "Pants".  Starting with a bit of noise and straight beats (from the 90's), transitioning to dubtech and then moving right along to some 'feel good' grooves, we'll barely make it above 120 BPM. And if the "Pants" doesn't get you, well how about "More Cowbell"?  I've compiled the tracklisting here from a majority of 2009 releases, but still managed to sneak in a few of my old favorites.  If taking my sweet time picking all these tracks wasn't enough, I also employed some new apps in order to get the mix cut-up and mastered for the site.  Click the read link for the tracklisting.

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Time:  1.34
01 - Full Swing "Späten" [intro]
02 - Stewart Walker "Cocoa"
03 - Russ Gabriel "Nouvelles Manævres"
04 - Moritz Von Oswald Trio "Vertical Ascent" Pattern 1
05 - DJ Koze "Mrs. Bojangels"
06 - Mathias Schaffhäuser "Good Night (Everybody)"
07 - Stimming "The Kiss" Sascha Funke Remix
08 - Stimming "One Weekend"
09 - Loco Dice "7 Dunham Place" Marcel Dettman's Response 1
10 - Minilogue "Animals" Beat Pharmacy's Into the Wild Dub
11 - Butch "Muskatnuss"
12 - W/P AFFKT & Danny Fiddo "Cartas Para Gheisa" Falto Pepica Luciano Mix
13 - Butane "Mutation" SIS Remix
14 - Seth Troxler "Love Never Sleeps" Adam Marshall's Sedition Mix
15 - Loco Dice "A Chico a Rhytmico"
16 - Luciano & Guy Gerber "Arcencial"
17 - Nick Höppner "Makeover"
18 - Dreher & Smart "Brust oder Keule, Herr Oberförster" Funkwerkstatt Rmx
19 - Holger Zilske "Olho Gordo"
20 - Donnacha Costello "Zhana"
21 - Stimming "Song For Isabelle"