Live Mix Show 3: "They Call Me Minimus Loudicus"

03/22/2008 11:30 am
03/22/2008 1:00 pm
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I claimed earlier in the week that I would be reminiscing about techno (specifically about Mr. Rob Hood).  So I put this together with a classic rip from both Jason's and Geoff's orphaned crates.  Let it be noted that the Moveable Parts track was from my collection.  No one will be stealing that one from me.  For some reason Geoff and Jason didn't realize the gold mine they were leaving behind when they split.  There are some nice tracks here.  Some are rare and some others should be instantly recognized.   Oops, on a side note.  This event was way overdue. There were far too many obstacles over the last few weeks.  The tracklisting is as a follows.


Time: 1.05
01 - Paul Hester "lifeforce"
02 - Blue Train "standard version"
03 - Krischan Wesenberg / Thimo Seidel as Mont Cenis Traxx "Consolidation"
04 - Robert Hood - Moveable Parts Chapter 1 "UNTITLED"
05 - Half Pint "Green Light"
06 - Terry Mullan and Halo "la ninã"
07 - Mario Jukica as Dark Ages  "Church Madness"
08 - Ellen Allien "Wolken Ziehen"
09 - Unknown Artist (prim 04) "Primitive Urges 2"
10 - Thomas Brinkmann "Zora" (track two)
11 - Robert Hood "Strativarius [the puppeteer]"
12 - Detroit Electro Orchestra "1977"
13 - Kit Clayton "Clockwork"
14 - Blueline "standar version" (flip side)
15 - Peter F. Speiss "Ein Nackter Mensch"