Live Mix Show 2: "April In New York"

02/28/2008 7:30 pm
02/28/2008 9:00 pm
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There's not much for me to say about this collection since I published it weeks ago without the tracklisting or description.  I'm making up for it today by adding the full info.  What little I do have to say is that it's appropriately named after Mrs. Everest as she requested a tribute the week that this was recorded.  Most likely she probably doesn't even know it  (I'll keep that posted and see how long it takes for her to notice it).  Listen Up


Time: 1.17
01 - Luomo "Tessa" M.R.I. Mix
02 - Geoff White "Otto"
03 - Master's At Work featuring India "I Can't Get No Sleep" Indy's Tribin' Mix
04 - Morgan Geist  "n'arrêt pas"
05 - Barada "Ceramik"
06 - Paul Flynn "Motormouth(2)"
07 - Reade Truth "1st. qtr. ep" Side B2
08 - Steve Bug "The Spray"
09 - Stewart Walker "Missing WInter"
10 - D. DIggler "Liquid Floor"
11 - Antiga Prime "The Super"
12 - Geoff White "Selfless Ambition" Sex Cells EP
13 - Problem Kids featuring Steve Edwards "I Will Lead, Hollway & Eastwick Mix"
14 - Studio 1 Red EP, Side B2
15 - M. Schaffhäuser "Once & Now"
16 - Gadgets Blue "Reset"
17 - Disko Method "Dub Down Remix"