DJ Gina Turner - Midweek Techno @ Phoenix Landing, Cambridge MA

I caught this recording via the Ghostly International twitter feed this morning, who in turn was boasting (via retweet) the presence of Spectral/Ghostly and other artists featured on the mix.  On first listen, I was far too impressed to let this recording live on anonymously via the zShare networks (linked here for posterity).  So I hit up DJ Gina Turner and she graciously allowed us to host her mix here.  So click the list

89:11 minutes (204.15 MB)

VP01: Chris Everest - Carnival Augusta

This mix originally aired on Vinyl Project Radio as Live Show 4 and is one of my favorite mixes I have done (evar).  In response, I'll take the time to blow my own horn and kick-off Episode 1 with this homegrown mix.  Carnival Augusta was totally improvised.  Mixed in the basement, with only the pooch, the stimpinator and my endearing wife to put up with the throws of emitting bass.  Most of the tracks are 21st century, minimal techno and tech-house.  Enjoy.

67:06 minutes (112.04 MB)

Jason Nagy - tek house

2:58 minutes (29.95 MB)

Jason Nagy - donny

20:06 minutes (21.95 MB)

Jason Nagy - teen dis ease

I called on Nagy to deliver some of his mixes at least two years ago.  And fruition comes, finally.  Here's a tasty sampler from the three mixes he posted from this past week.  "Teen Dis Ease" is a tight mix of 4:4's and breaks, smoothly combined to show that one doesn't have to dominate the other.  Though it's only 13 minutes in length, this shorty mix is proof that Jason has originality and depth to his music selection.  If you like this...

13:00 minutes (14.33 MB)

Funny, Stupid Message from April to Staci

This clip probably doesn't really go all that well with the site's audience.  Nonetheless, it serves two purposes.  1.) It creates a great example of the audio capabilities on the site and 2.) It's funny as hell.  For some background, this recording was not staged and was never intended to be recorded or preserved.  Luckily though, Staci answered the phone after the 5 magic rings that also triggered the answering machine.  I just happened to catch it live this same night when my wife (then girlfriend) and I were living with her sister Staci.  The

1:49 minutes (1.67 MB)
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