HD Powerhouse Screenshot of Fedora 10

Attached is a pretty significant screenshot.  I don't usually spend the time to document things like this.  And certainly, I wouldn't say this is bragging.  I think of this screenshot as a glimpse into how I use computers and what is interesting to me.  I hope others are interested as well.  So what do we have?

The window at center stage is 'pavucontrol'.  That single window is allowing me to control the levels of the pulseaudio server while simulaneously mixing the audio streams of four mythfrontend applications (backstage).  Clockwise from the top left; MythMusic, Live TV in HD (ABC), Recorded TV in HD(NBC), Recorded TV in compressed in MPEG4. This is my first time setting up pulseaudio.  In fact, I've been disabling pulseaudio on my frontends since FC8.  I don't like it and it gets in the way of my digital alsa setup.  Until now of course.

The window on the far right, with the graphy looking display; gkrellm2.  Notice that none of the processors are maxed out.  And one more detail that you can't see.  There's an ubuntu intrepid ibex machine running virtual via qemu-kvm.  That virtual machine is powering the new lx-web source for VinylProject's mp3 streaming services.

My next step is to come up with an 'Alt-Tab' button on my remote to switch between those frontends at commercials or to separate live sports feeds with no annoying picture-in-picture glitching.  All of this is in time with the dreaded netbook and nettop trends my machine is an HD powerhouse.  My stand-alone frontends are still using low-power solutions and thats good.  This machine happens to be the new main server and probably still runs lower than the Pentium III 800 MHz that is had to obsolete.

Nice, isn't it?