25 Random Things About Me

Yes, I am going to tackle "25 Things".  And no, I don't care if tagged people respond.  I have been procrastinating, but that's all right for two reasons.  I wanted to be in the right frame of mind and I wanted to brainstorm slightly before I eventually committed.  Thanks to Mike Lietz for prompting me.  You'll be repaid un-handsomely someday.

  1. I hate to "fall in line", but I usually do anyway.  Case in point, this list.
  2. I was engaged in one fist fight in my entire life and it turned out horribly.  It was pretty much like Ralphie vs. Scott Farcus.
  3. My dream in life (and unfortunately biggest fear) is to start my own business.
  4. I frequently have delusions of grandeur with regard to my future, all of which I am hoping will come true one day.
  5. I live by the saying, "You can't trust a man who doesn't drink beer".  However, I have a couple of caveats.  If you used to drink beer, but are no longer allowed...  that's OK.  I am not a chauvinist.  I don't trust women who don't drink beer either.
  6. I am pretty sure that the spirit of my previous dog (China) has re-incarnated into my current dog (Blue).  Seriously, it's weird.
  7. My wife's claim that I am addicted to the Internet is false.  I am actually addicted to all technology and the ideals of "Free and Open Source".
  8. I have tried to move away from Ohio 4 times and I always end up back here.  Furthermore, my futuristic delusions of grandeur continue to land me outside of Ohio.
  9. Although I am a man, I actually DO understand women.  My real problem is that my stubbornness will not allow me to agree with the female collective consciousness.
  10. I am not usually competitive with other people.  Instead I tend to compete with my former self.  The inevitability of  growing old forges a losing battle on that front.
  11. I relate myself to my Father constantly.  If you know me, you know that's very strange.
  12. I've always had a predisposition to commit victimless crime.  Not in the moral sense (I am a pretty nice guy), but in the legislative sense.
  13. I hate liars and tend to disassociate with them.  Please note that #12 does not make me a liar.
  14. I am easily fooled by liars, hot shots, sales people and idealists.  My wife is the opposite and has corrected me countless times.
  15. I love to watch movies by myself.  That annoys my wife, because she hates to watch movies (with me) that I have already seen.
  16. I love bass, so I installed a sub woofer in my four door hatchback car.  Imagine Michael Bolton from Office Space without the fear of black people.
  17. I have the skills to make tons of money on the internet.  Take for example #3, #4, #7 and #12.  However it's never about making money.  Oh, how I wish it was about making money....
  18. [censored]
  19. I truly thought the popular saying was "All Intensive Purposes" until about age 30.  In my defense though, I never really used it that much AND Doug Heffernan thought the same thing, so I don't feel so bad.
  20. In sixth grade I made a clone of my brother's jean jacket declaring myself official fan boy of the then popular band "INXS".  Today the thought makes me cringe.
  21. I hope that #20 gives me some closure to my extreme embarrassment and allows me to move forward to closure of other embarrassing things about my past.
  22. I have an unhealthy aversion to packing my lunch.  I think it stems from Elementary school when my mother would always give me and my brothers money for lunch.  In fact, I don't ever remember packing my lunch.
  23. If I think about getting old, I can almost feel a panic attack approaching.  My remedy is to stop thinking about getting old.
  24. I made it through almost every one of my English/Literature classes without reading all the books.  To date I have probably read less than twenty books.  Although I'll read an f-ing instruction manual anytime.
  25. If you make me laugh hard enough, I'll definitely pee my pants.  And my wife will too.  Her pants, not mine.  OK, so that wasn't about me..... but everyone's glad I wrote it, because it's funny as hell.

There you have it,  "25 Random Things About Me".  For those of you who have no idea what just happened, here are two links.  A NY Times Article explaining the gaining phenomenon and my response to Mike's Tag.  And for the rest of you who never know what I am talking about on Vinyl Project, here's a post that you can relate to and understand.  Don't get used to it though, I'll be getting back to my usual mumbo jumbo as early as the next post.  Peace Out.